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I’m always happy to receive positive feedback from my clients and associates. Here are some kind reviews I've had the pleasure of receiving...

CD, Essex

 I literally cannot praise Sally at At One Psychotherapy highly enough.

Sally has helped me work through past trauma, stress and anxiety and sleep problems.


She is passionate about her work and treats you with such care and compassion without being judgemental.

I felt totally safe with Sally, she has helped me to find my true self.

JB, Suffolk

You have such insight and are an expert in your field, you completely understood what was going on for me.


And you had no judgements with my bad behaviours (over-spending, promiscuity) which allowed me to be completely open and honest and put on the table all my issues and thereby once and for all heal my traumas.

MP, Cheltenham

The first thing you notice about Sally is her enthusiasm. Sally is an inspiration to anyone who comes into contact with her.


She is also a very insightful and caring person who you know you can trust. I am happy to recommend Sally as a therapist and trainer. She is a true professional.


GR, London

Sally thank you, the help I received from you was simple understandable and more to the point it worked.


Without your help I wouldn’t have resolved the troubling situation I was in. 


I thoroughly recommend you for a genuine and professional service.

CD, Suffolk

Sally is a truly remarkable person who has changed my life.


When I first started sessions with her I was literally at rock bottom but thanks to her compassion, intuition and dedication, she has enabled me to heal from past traumas and to face new challenges.


I have gained self confidence and a feeling of freedom which I previously thought I would never experience. I cannot thank her enough for all of her help and kindness.

NV, Europe

Working with Sally is a great privilege and joy!


Sally attunes brilliantly to my inner world and gently but profoundly awakens Self energy which has led to inner harmony.


In each session I have found lost or wounded parts filling my heart with a sense of finding treasure and healing.  I have a personal sense of wholeness and authenticity!


That is more than peace-giving! Working with Sally is a pure Gift!


Long term client

Sally Burke is an exceptionally talented and effective psychotherapist who is calmly, patiently and very successfully helping me recognise, acknowledge, accept and work through my Trauma. Importantly, Sally creates a safe, non-judgemental environment in which all thoughts, sensations and emotions are welcomed and accepted.
Healing from Trauma is unbelievably hard but Sally is gently steering me through the process and my life has improved immensely as a result.
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