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I’m always happy to receive positive feedback from my supervisees. Here are some reviews I've had the pleasure of receiving...

DC, Norfolk

Sally has been my Clinical Supervisor for the past nine years. Our work together began during my Counselling training and has helped me progress in to the fully qualified practitioner I am today.


Sally’s style and warmth suits my client base and private practice fully. Our use of the Integrative approach allows for theoretical understanding and offers both personal and professional compassion.

HB, Suffolk

Everything Sally has suggested seems to have been useful to my clients, but Sally also recognises what I bring of myself to my work, and she listens patiently to what I feel I need to tell her. I find Sally’s enthusiasm and commitment to the work she does inspiring and see her as a role model.


I look forward to talking with her and always come away from supervision sessions feeling more confident about the work I am doing

SJ, Essex

 I have been with Sally in Supervision for over 5 years and I find her friendly, open and encouraging.


She shows real compassion and understanding for my clients and her input has, I believe, enhanced the relationship and resources I am able to offer them

DA, IFS Practitioner

Sally and I use an IFS lens to influence, inform and develop my clinical supervision and practice. Sally’s knowledge of IFS is both deep and rich, allowing for an environment which cultivates personal and professional learning and growth.

SA, Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Since I have been supervised by Sally, my practice as a therapist has improved remarkably. 

Sally has helped me to gain the confidence I needed to work therapeutically with Internal Family Systems. Her knowledge is impressive and she has guide me to explore and regulate my own parts as I work with clients, which has made a tangible different to my clients and myself as I practice.

I can recommend Sally whole-heartedly if you're looking for a real relationship with your Supervisor where you can grow and learn based on your work together. Thank you Sally.

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