Welcome to At One Psychotherapy

If you want to change the way you feel and understand why you feel the way you do, helping you to accept yourself and others,  At One Psychotherapy can help.

With many years of working in the care industry I am confident I can offer you a professional, kind and confidential haven.

A short audio/visual presentation reflecting the needs of many of our clients

Some kind comments from people I’ve helped

I cannot rate At One Psychotherapy highly enough.

Working with Sally has taken me on a journey of change and one for the better. Her style of therapy is to enlighten and let you find the answers of what works best for you.

Whilst being empathetic and providing a solid support, you are also provided with the tools and techniques to put practices in place that allow you to see situations from a different vantage point and to be able to respond positively.

Its not a magic resolution, you have to put the effort in yourself , but it is so worthwhile to discover a more contented way of viewing all that is around you and appreciating it for what it is.

Thanks Sally x

Sue, Cambridge